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Women's motorcycle clothing
When fashion meets protective gear

Who we are

Linda-Jean Women’s Motorcycle Fashion is a fresh brand of biker wear and accessories inspired, designed, and created by women for women.

Our promise

We commit to delivering “women’s motorcycle fashion” that seamlessly blends functionality with fashion.

Linda-Jean's vision

Our founder is herself a motorcyclist. Her vision is to give all women motorcyclists biker clothing that truly suits their needs and style so that every ride can be as unique as they are.

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Biker gear for ladies:
The story behind our journey

Linda-Jean Women’s Motorcycle Fashion is a fresh addition to the motorcycle clothing and accessories scene, established in 2023. We take pride in being a brand focused entirely on women of all ages and backgrounds, united by their passion for riding motorcycles or being devoted passengers. Our collection of biker wear and accessories is inspired, designed and created by women for women.

Our roots are in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, just like our founder, Linda-Jean Belvedere, who divides her time between the two countries, that is why we embrace a borderless approach, ensuring our products are accessible wherever your ride takes you.

Inspired by female riders

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the lack of motorcycle gear that truly reflects your style and fits your size perfectly?

During her two decades of riding experience, Linda-Jean often found herself buying protective leather and fabric biker jackets and trousers that didn’t quite fit her style or size.

It was her realization, upon her mother obtaining her license in 2021, that the market wasn’t meeting the needs of female motorbike riders. And that’s when Linda-Jean Women’s Motorcycle Fashion came into being, with a clear mission: dress women with motorcycle clothing that is unique, stylish, and designed specifically for their needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Tailored for Women: Our biker gear is designed with women in mind, ensuring a perfect fit and comfort.
  • Fashion-Forward: We focus on creating fashionable gear that let women express themselves while riding.
  • Protective Gear: Safety is a priority, so our clothing offers the protection you need on the road.
  • Celebrate Women: Our purpose is to empower women to ride with confidence and style.

We celebrate female biker styles with fashionable and functional motorcycle gear

At Linda-Jean, we’re working hard on our inaugural collection of motorcycle clothing and accessories designed specifically for women. Our gear not only is waterproof, windproof and offers protection against abrasion but is also tailored to complement your body shape while keeping you comfortable and stylish on all your rides, no matter if urban or touring and how many kilometers you think you’ll cover. We commit to deliver “women’s motorcycle fashion” that seamlessly blends functionality with fashion.

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Girls making hearts with their hands

Your benefits: Unique rider gear with a true fit

We’re dedicated to creating jackets, trousers and accessories that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Here’s how we do it:

  • Diverse Insights: A panel of six women from different ages, backgrounds, interests, and roles in the female biker community guides our design choices.
  • Innovative & Sustainable: We choose innovative, sustainable materials and manage our supply chain with an eye on fashion and fabric trends.
  • Quality & Responsibility: Our focus on quality and environmental responsibility drives every aspect of our work.
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Meet Linda-Jean

Hey there, I’m Linda-Jean Belvedere, the founder of Linda-Jean Women’s Motorcycle Fashion.

With over 20 years of motorcycle riding experience under my belt, bikes have been a constant passion in my life. Growing up, I spent numerous week-ends in our home motorcycle workshop with my Dad, working on the vehicles he would bring home to fix.

Before venturing into Entrepreneurship

Before diving into the world of motorcycle fashion, I sharpened my skills in senior sales roles within the automotive and real estate industries in both Switzerland and the UK. On a personal level, my frustration with the lack of stylish and functional motorcycle apparel for myself and other women was sparked every spring. This frustration was my inspiration, to embark on this exciting journey.

Besides Motorcycle Fashion

Beyond motorcycles, I’m a sporty soul who finds joy in activities like running and hiking. And if you ask my husband, he might just tell you I’m a pretty amazing wife (but I’ll let him confirm or deny that!).

My call to you is to join me as we revolutionize the world of motorcycle fashion, one stylish and protective piece at a time.

Let’s REVolutionise today how we look and feel when riding our motorcycles!


Women's motorcycle jackets, trousers, and accessories

Welcome to our product section, where style, safety, and comfort converge to create an unparalleled riding experience for female motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether you’re hitting the open road, weaving through city traffic, or cruising along scenic routes, our range of jackets, trousers, and accessories is designed to meet your unique needs. We understand that the right gear makes all the difference, which is why we’ve meticulously crafted each piece with you in mind.

Ladies biker Under-Helmet:
The first product launch

The ultimate companion for every ride is the Under-Helmet: A game-changer in motorcycle apparel. Made with Bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified materials, it’s gentle on your skin and the environment. Say goodbye to helmet hair and discomfort, and hello to a smoother ride.

Ladies biker jackets:
A blend of style and safety

Our signature jacket is tailored to meet the high demands of female riders and is the second item to be launched. With a sleek design and a flattering fit, this jacket doesn’t compromise on safety. Constructed from premium, durable materials, it offers excellent abrasion resistance while remaining lightweight and breathable. Adjustable features allow you to customise the fit to your liking, ensuring maximum comfort on every ride.

Female motorcycle rider:
The heart of our collections

At the core of our collections are our dedicated customers: Women who share a passion for motorcycles and adventure. We listen to your feedback and work tirelessly to improve and add more clothing and accessories items to meet your evolving needs. To us every ride is a unique journey, and every woman is a unique biker, that’s why we’re here to ensure you have the best gear to ride in style.

Lady biker Under-Helmet

Elevate your motorcycle gear with our under-helmet made from 100% recycled polyester. Designed specifically for women riders, this eco-friendly under-helmet provides a comfortable and breathable barrier under your helmet, keeping your hair in place and sweat at bay. The lightweight fabric wicks moisture, ensuring a fresh feel during long rides. Plus, it comes with a convenient reusable bag with laces, perfect for storing your under-helmet or other small essentials.

Lady Biker Urban Jacket

The REVolution for women’s motorcycle jackets is close! We're on a mission to redefine fashion, comfort and functionality by finding the best technology to ensure the best-size fit for all body types. Our jacket is designed with your lifestyle in mind. We've thoughtfully incorporated smart accessories to keep you connected and organized.